Project Description

Client: Meermila                                               Agency: Gabriel Dominicali
Industry: Jewelry                                              Year: 2020
Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ                             Website:
Meermila is an online jewelry shop selling special handcrafted jewelry from semi-precious earth stones.

It comes with the intention of bringing you more than jewelry. From the moment the pieces are individually produced by hand, they often cannot be reproduced equally, making each jewel unique and exclusive. No metal is hard enough not to acquire personal marks of use, which is why each jewel tells a story, your story.
Simple lines and contrasting colors make her work unique and provocative.

The color palette emulates a well thought out balance between the traditional and the contemporary. The gold evokes sophistication, complemented with a vivid navy blue that rejuvenates the overall look and feel. The result is an elegant graphic universe, with a hint of provocation.

The emblem plays with the letter M and the build of jewelry, referencing the strength of the composition and harmony between different elements. The visual aesthetic is elegant, mirroring the refinement in their concise and precise details.